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Concept & Strategy
Schoolpad 12
1251 ZN Laren
The Netherlands

Welcome to Satori
a consultancy network for brand innovations
Satori is about getting profound insights
through personal experiences.
Invitation to play
About the future of your brand and organisation:
'What is more important,
the past or the future?'
Satori Disciplines
Innovation needs discipline rather than tools. Most books, workshops and projects about innovation in organisations are about 'how to…' and provide you with a set of tools like: brand posi-tioning techniques, customer relationship marketing programmes,
Tools seems to be very practical and down to earth. But having the right tools only helps you start the innovation process. With tools you create an innovative product or service. With discipline you create an innovative organisation.
With discipline you train the muscles of innovation
within yourself and
your organisation.
Sensoring the Future: strategic conversations
Creating Future scenarios for your business that call you
into action… now!
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Leading a BrandMovement
Mobilizing people! Making brand ideas grow and spread throughout the organisation;
having leadership and customer knowledge flow bottom up as well as top down.
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Bring Back Management Dillema's to Simple Questions…
That Even Children Can Answer

Transform complex business strategy issues into basic ideas, and discuss them in Children Idea Labs. The new ideas and viewpoints that arise from these sessions enable you to see new possibilities for your actions.
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Unleashing the Customer from your Database
Do you feel your customers are hidden in your database? With this discipline you link customer data with consumer trends and create Customer Portraits. Through pictures and stories you enable Marketing, Sales, Communications, Productdevelopment, Purchasing, Retail, and eCommerce to have a clear and realistic view of the customer you are serving.
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Satori Disciplines:
About the values and vision of your brand and organisation:
'Would you still be the same person if you change your name every year?'
Satori Garden is Adriaan's personal Garden of Ideas. Come and visit.
It is a place to repose and read about current and future matters concerning organisations and brands. It may be books, movies, articles, events, conversations in a café or the train, websites and whatever Adriaan finds on his way.
Just like a nature garden SatoriGarden is an eco system. The idea garden is a collection of ideas from Adriaans notebooks. One idea will grow fast, while an other idea needs some more time before it shows its possibility. Some ideas will disappear after a while. That is ok. Maybe they were just meant to bring forward other ideas.
Idea Gardening is easy. Ideas will grow and lead to actions where you take care after them after a regular base. By sharing his idea garden with you, Adriaan invites you to make your own idea garden. It only needs your love, energy and leadership.
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A short one minute ideabite.Every Monday morning before you start your day. Open your email and you will find a thought that may challenge you, inspire you or it may just give you a moment of reflection.
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The word Satori means 'enlightenment' in Zen Buddhism. It is a personal
and intuitive experience.

In the complex business environment of today, Satori signifies the moment in which you experience how different market developments and consumer responses relate together. New insights spark new opportunities for yourself and your business, thereby inviting new actions.
In working with Satori, insights and actions go hand in hand. You will generate an environment in your organisation where ideas can flow and people and projects can grow.
About the meaning of the word SATORI
It encompasses activities in the areas of brand positioning, innovation, futurology, customer relationship marketing and organisation strategy.
Adriaan Wagenaar and culture stylist Angelique Blansjaar are the 'heart & soul' of SATORI.
About Innovation:
'If your product would be a dream machine, what dream would it make for people?'

Satori is a consultancy network for brand innovations.


They developed the theoretical framework for Sensoring the Future, a scenario study for consumer behavior. Sensoring the Future is based upon ongoing analysis of developments in science, technology and culture.
With these insights Satori develops various kinds of concepts and strategies for brands, products and services.
About Satori
Rather than 'selling'
innovative ideas, strategies or campaigns to clients, Satori develops, participates or leads the innovation projects in their organisation. This is where ideas, strategies and campaigns -once born- are nurtured, grown and developed further.
Satori performed projects for clients like Philips Corporate Design, SCA Mölnlycke, Robeco Group, Robeco Zomerconcerten, ING Bank Netherlands, Young & Rubicam(Clients like Bijenkorf, Accenture, Yacht, Brand Beer, VROM),
IKEA Netherlands, Center Parcs, ANWB, United World Colleges Netherlands, de Nederlandse Staatsloterij.
Adriaan's experience is in the field of international advertising research and brand strategy development. Before starting with SATORI in 1994 he worked for advertising agency FHV/BBDO at the Research and Strategy department. Adriaan conducts Scenario Planning workshops in organisations.
He is a regular speaker at the Brand Management Course of the Academy of Management in Groningen and at the Management and Intuition Forum of the Academy of Enterpreneurship. Furthermore he contributes to the lMBA Program at the Rotterdam School of Management. In the past, he has written for magazines
like “Esquire”
and "Avenue'.
He is in a process of writing a book “Children on Management” (what managers can learn from children).Adriaan is frequently asked to lead and participate in thinktanks on organisation and brand strategy development.
Angelique's experience is in the world of fashion design, trendforcasting and concept development. She designed theatre costumes at the studio of Joop van den Ende Entertainment and worked for C&A in the Netherlands.
Angelique developed a unique method in making cultural developments
visible in images,
symbols and

Her method is used to support people in oranizatons to see the world through the eyes of the consumer in a way that new opportunities arise. As a creative director, she is responsible for spotting new developments that contribute to the scenario study Sensoring the Future.

The smoothest ways to get in touch:
mobile: ++31 6 515 43 914

Concept & Strategy
Schoolpad 12
1251 ZN Laren
The Netherlands

Angelique participates in various innovation projects on design and architecture. For instance: a pilot project about creating new learning experiences in elementary school by innovative interior design.
As an artist, Angelique works as a painter and stained glass artist.
In brainstorm sessions Angelique contributes as an unlimited source of ideas and inspiration.

The best way to get to know each other is by starting a conversation and by playing around with questions and ideas.That is how the Ancient Greek did it. That is how modern communication between a brand or an organisation and its public should work.

Call it Permission Marketing, Strategic Conversations or the latest buzz word…Whatever you like. You learn about us while learning about yourself

Further along, you will find some questions about brands and organisations..

'You can't be a serious
innovator unless you are
willing and able to play'

You may think they sound childish. You are right: they are!

We ask these questions to children in one of our projects, called 'Children on Management'. Here we bring dillemma's in society and management back to questions that even eight year old children can answer.

Michael Schrage, in 'Serious Play':how the
world's best companies simulate to innovate

So let's play:

· Pick up one question that triggers your fantasy, applies to your current situation, or both.

· Write down your reflection.

You may do it from your personal situation as well as from your professional situation. When you are finished, write down what you have learned about your situation
Share your insights with your collegues, send it to us by email. We will react.